High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure,N.Pnagiotopoulos Cariology Office

High Blood Pressure

Another insidious agent that undermines the health of the heart and vessels is high blood pressure.Contrary to what most people think, high blood pressure is not perceived. Many people think they understand when their pressure rises or because they feel headache or dizziness or discomfort. This is not the case.

High Blood Pressure – Faults in the body

The pressure is insidious and mainly undermines the vessels of the heart, kidneys and the brain. It destroys the instruments themselves
It appears that by exerting pressure inside the vessels, damage results in atherosclerosis, creating constrictions that prevent proper organ perfusion.

But in addition to damage to vessels, there are other ways that high blood pressure undermines the body. At heart, e.g. in addition to damage to the vessels, thickening of the walls, cardiac hypertrophy occurs. Cardiac hypertrophy predisposes to arrhythmias, sudden heart attacks and heart failure.

The pressure is also responsible for renal insufficiency which leads patients to chronic hemodialysis.
High pressure creates aneurysms that are stretching their walls in large and small vessels of the body. Α relaxation that at some point may lead to sudden death by rupture (“breaking”) of the vessel. If it is e.g. the aorta, a large vasculature of the organism or, if it is smaller, may lead to internal bleeding e.g. brain haemorrhage. All these situations can lead in addition to death, disability or dramatic deterioration in the quality of human life. Pressure is the hidden and insidious enemy of many people in modern culture, with poor nutrition, sedentary life, and intense stress.

High Blood Pressure – Diagnosis – Pressure Holter

or proper diagnosis, in addition to the individual measurements, there is a 24-hour recording with the Holter Pressure. It is a continuous pressure recording method with many advantages. Proper blood pressure adjustment is a combination of: informing, discussing, taking measures for everyday life, looking for the damage it has done to the body and if necessary medication.

And of course it is a matter of knowledge and experience of the doctor and proper cooperation with the patient.