• Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos Special Cardiologist,Marousi
    Doctor Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos. Special Cardiologist, Marousi. CV, Resume.
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Services Cardiac Examinations Services Cardiac Examinations . Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos cardiology office is well equipped with […]

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Resume Doctor Cardiologist  CV Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos I graduated from 2nd Lyceum of Nea Smyrni with […]


Cardiologist Marousi

Cardiologist Marousi Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos . Cargiology Office

Cardiologist Marousi,Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos

Cardiologist Marousi Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos . Cargiology Office. I have a private cardiology office where I deal with the whole range of heart problems with the help of modern cardiology equipment. But mostly, with my experience of Intensive Care for so many years, I have come to the conclusion that the most important thing is to treat people as a psychosomatic unit and their health problems globally.


Heart diseases are faced susch as: coronary artery disease, hypercholesterolemia, high blood pressure, arrhythmias, Valvular diseases, pericarditis, cardiomyopathy, heart failure,congenital heart diseases and various other heart diseases.

There is  modern cardiology equipment . Portable electrocardiograph and wireless electrocardiograph. Rhythm holter and pressure holter. Portable ultrasound and colored heart Doppler. In the cardiology office beyond the clinical examination can be done:

Electrocardiogram, Rhythm Holter, pressure Holter, ultrasound Triplex Heart. Pacermaker checkup, proathletic checkup, EOPYY prescription drugs and  exams.

I worked for 21 years at the Intensive Care Unit of the Athens Medical Center in Maroussi as a curator and director.  During this time I worked with cardiac and cardiac-surgery clinics.

My working experience at the Intensive Care Unit gave me the opportunity to get in touch with all the serious medical problems, not just the cardiological ones, and to get acquainted with all the modern interventions for the severely ill patients. At the same time, I was scientifically responsible for the Heart Attack and Cardiac Unit  of the same hospital. At the same time I was involved in the practice of clinical cardiology in the private sector.

The cardiology office also provides for checkup or audit provision for the issue of certificates to children in their school activities.

Children with congenital heart disease can be checked up. We are also accredited to EOPYY and we can write any kind of examinations of the interest of a cardiologist. Hematological and paraclinical while prescribing all medications provided by EOPYY funds.

My cardiology office is in a quiet area in Marousi, back from Ygeia Hospital. In this hospitable place, we can discuss with ease and give directions and solutions to issues that concern the cardiologist or anyone who wants to take appropriate preventive measures not to become a cardiac patient.

Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos
Cardiologist Marousi