Holter Rhythm

Holter Rhythm Heart

Holter Rhythm heart

Holter Rhythm heart (24 hour, 48 hours up to 7 days) with immediate diagnosis and delivery of the relevant report.

Holter Rhythm heart . Why it is needed.

Many of the arrhythmias, bradycardia and cardiac pauses can not be recorded in a few seconds of a cardiogram. These situations are often combined with exercise, rest and sleep. The diagnosis of such problems requires continuous recording of the cardiogram. The Rhythm Holter is a test that can record 24 hours a day, continuously, the patient’s electrocardiogram and even his daily activity. It follows patient everywhere and can help to combine a find with an episode or a symptom. It can store the cardiogram in a very small machine that the patient carries in a belt in the middle for 24 or 48 hours.

Holter Rhythm heart . Diagnosis

24 to 48 hours is the time it takes us to usually give us the important information we need. The capabilities of our office equipment for patients with rarely occurring arrhythmias can record up to 7 consecutive days the patient’s rate. This is an important additional advantage offered by modern technology. The device is very simple to install. An additional advantage is that the answers are given immediately after it is removed and thus avoiding the patient’s suffering. This examination can be used by a experienced cardiologist to detect arrhythmias that are not easy to record in a simple and necessarily short cardiac exam. It is a valuable test for a cardiac patient and even as soon as an arrhythmia is suspected. Unfortunately, diagnostic centers are delaying such a test for more than a month.

The examination becomes even more valuable when the one who does it knows well what he is looking for in his patient. This is a huge advantage over an exam that is taken place by an unknown doctor in a diagnostic center.

Holter Rhythm heart . At Home

The rhythm Holter can also be placed at home in a patient who can not easily move.