Medical Certifications

Medical Certifications Medical Certifications. One of the major services provided by a cardiology clinic is […]

Βηματοδότες έλεγχος βηματοδότη . Νικόλαος Παναγιωτόπουλος Καρδιολόγος Μαρούσι

Pacemakers checking pacemaker

Pacemakers checking pacemaker Pacemakers checking pacemaker. The heart is a wisely constructed instrument. It works […]

Υπερηχογράφημα Triplex Καρδιάς

Ultrasound Triplex Heart

Ultrasound Triplex Heart Portable Ultrasound and color doppler heart Ultrasound Triplex heart with color doppler. […]

Holter Πίεσης, Καρδιολόγος Μαρούσι

Holter Pressure

Holter Pressure 24-hour Holter Pressure with immediate diagnosis and delivery of relative exposure. Blood hypertension […]

Holter 24ωρου,48ωρου

Holter Rhythm

Holter Rhythm heart Holter Rhythm heart (24 hour, 48 hours up to 7 days) with […]

Φορητός Καρδιογράφος

Cardiogram Portable Cardiograph

Cardiogram Portable Cardiograph ELECTRIC CARDIOVER PORTABLE (Cardiogram Portable Cardiograph). Electrocardiogram via portable cardiograph. Most of […]


Cardiogram Electrocardiogram

Cardiogram Electrocardiogram WIRELESS CARDIOGRAPHER Cardiogram Electrocardiogram via a wireless cardiograph. Basis for investigating a cardiologic […]