Ultrasound Triplex Heart

Υπερηχογράφημα Triplex Καρδιάς

Ultrasound Triplex Heart

Portable Ultrasound and color doppler heart
Ultrasound Triplex heart with color doppler. The examination is done during the clinical examination and is a supplement. A written report is given as well as a CD with the main images and videos taken during the exhibition.Heart ultrasound is a safe and very important method of heart control. It is safe because it is bloodless and does not radiate the patient with dangerous radiation.

Ultrasound Triplex Heart. What it shows.

It is very important because with the ultrasound the cardiologist can directly see the heart of a patient. With it structures such as the valves, the walls of the heart and its cavities are revealed with great precision. Using the color Doppler can detect blood flow at the same time. This concerns valves, large vessels such as the aorta and the pulmonary artery but also abnormal communications. This examination is now a mandatory completion of the clinical examination and is necessary to complete the cardiologist’s image for his patient. It complements the picture of the cardiogram and answers to abnormal findings.

Particularly when the cardiologist and the subject are in a relationship of trust, he can explain some information from the history his patient has described. In the context of a regular and long-term follow-up, it is the ideal test by which the doctor can discover differences and developments in the heart.

Ultrasound Triplex Heart. Portable ultrasound, color doppler heart. Examination at home.

Nowadays, it is often done as an impersonal examination in a diagnostic center. And such a test leads to wrong conclusions. When the examiner is the patient’s therapist knows what to emphasize and what to watch and this is a huge advantage. A particular advantage is portable ultrasound. It is equally reliable and allows the examination to be done at home in the bed of a seriously ill or difficult-to-move patient. At the end of the examination, the patient is given a report with the main findings and the main measurements. This is accompanied by a series of images taken and recorded on a CD. This recording with analytical measurements is useful for the patient record.

However, it remains for future comparison in the medical records and can be transferred electronically where needed. If the patient is hospitalized, if he is found anywhere on earth, his envelope can follow him.

Ultrasound Triplex Heart .Cardiologist Marousi Nikolos Panagiotopoulos