Medical Certifications

Medical Certifications Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos Marousi

Medical Certifications

Medical Certifications. One of the major services provided by a cardiology clinic is medical certificates. Many believe that the certificates required by schools, sports clubs, services are unnecessary bureaucracy. This is a very serious mistake. In this perception a tragedy is often built. An athlete sinks dead on the arena, a small student loses his senses, an adult is led to the hospital with a heart attack. Cause; An asymptomatic pre-existing heart disease. One of the deadly arrhythmias, a silent coronary disease, one of the valvular diseases that start from childhood. And of course a congenital heart disease, a disease of the heart that is born from birth, which had not felt its presence.

Medical Certifications. Cardiogram, heart triplex.

It is a wrong and criminal practice to issue certificates at a distance. It is often enough to assure the parent or a relative. ‘All right’, my child or my wife or my friend is very healthy ‘. And the certificate is issued. It is wise and responsible for the tactics of some pediatricians to send the child at least once to a cardiologist. Why every medical certificate requires a cardiogram and heart triplex ultrasound. And this is done by the specialist. So the medical certificate must be, as in the whole civilized world, an opportunity to control the heart. And for the older, a chance of re-checking whenever it is needed. Because for them, facts change from year to year.

Medical Certifications. Necessity, thorough checking.

Medical Checking is therefore necessary. In our cardiology office, for the administration of a medical certificate apart from the clinical check, both electrocardiogram and heart triplex are performed. And if you find something suspicious is complemented by Holter rhythm and / or pressure Holter. In special cases, additional control may be required.

Our multiyear experience has many moments where a careful examination prevent a catastrophic event. Training in a pediatric cardiology department after specialization guarantees the basic knowledge of a responsible opinion. Respecting the conditions that exist today in our country, all exams are included in the basic visit without any extra charge.